Korean Glass Skin


Ever heard a term GLASS SKIN?

KOREA’S GLASS SKIN TREND AND HOW TO GET IT – get the low down on the latest Korean Beauty trend to arrive Down Under.

Glass Skin – or ‘Yuri Pibu’ as it is known in Korean is all about glowy, luminous skin that is as poreless and transparent as glass. Find out how Instapeel is your 1st step towards “Yuri Pibu ” or Glass Skin.

Glass Skin term is frequently used in many beauty, makeup, and skincare blogs. It is inspired by the Korean beauty world referring to luminous, dewy, and even-toned “lit from within” skin.

Glass Skin is a Korean beauty trend which involves a particular regime of several steps to be followed daily to achieve Porcelain like skin.

Korean beauty experts advise a particular regime of several steps involving layering of various products to be followed on a daily basis to achieve glass skin.

All of us are subjected to external factors like sunlight and pollution that cause dirt and grease to settle on the face which alters the skin texture.

Normally one follows a basic CTM (Cleanser Toner Moisturizer) routine daily. This gives you a temporary feeling of freshness.
However in reality even if you follow all the steps it still won’t reach you towards the ‘Glass Skin’ effect unless you have basic skin features like even tone,acne-free smooth texturized skin.

To Achieve this even-toned acne-free smooth textured naturally glowing skin we suggest Instapeel.

Why Instapeel??

We usually load our skin with a cleanser, toner, serums, masks, and moisturizer but with limited results because we use them on our outermost skin layer which consists of dead skin.

It is pointless to follow the daily skincare regime unless you remove the accumulated dead skin layer.

Do you know that your skin generates new skin cells every 28 days under the outermost dead skin layer?

How to get rid of the dead skin cells??

Our skin regenerates every 28 days by forming new skin cells but they are trapped under the outer dead skin layer.

We usually load our skin with cleanser, toner, masks, serum, and moisturizers but with limited results because we apply them on the dead skin layer.

The most efficient way to remove dead skin cells is periodic use of superficial chemical peel containing AHA’s  (Alpha Hydroxy Acids)

Take your first step towards ‘GLASS SKIN’ with a low strength AHA peel with desquamating pH of 3.5-4 which can be used periodically at home.

As you wish to have youthful plump, softer skin with even tone at all times and not hide your face under layers of makeup follow the Instapeel program.

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